2nd Summer School in Data Analysis | Minho University | Braga - Portugal

2nd Summer School in Data Analysis | Minho University | Braga – Portugal

Dear colleague,

Universidade do Minho is pleased to announce the 2nd UMinho-Exec Summer School in Data Analysis. The event will run from Monday, August 29, until Friday, September 9, at the School of Economics and Management, Braga, Portugal. The event is composed of a selected set of intensive courses, designed to enhance methodological skills in data analysis: Statistical & Mathematical packages – Part I: Stata introduction, Regression, Causality and Panel Data – Part I,Regression, Causality and Panel Data – Part II, Duration Models, Statistical & Mathematical packages – Part II: MATLAB introduction, Statistical & Mathematical packages – Part III: R introduction, Applications of the Continuous Wavelet Transform to Economic Data, Forecasting Methods and Applications, Statistical & Mathematical packages – Part IV: R programming and Downside Risk Measures.

The instructors are:

Cristina Amado (PhD at Stockholm School of Economics)

João Cerejeira (PhD at European University Institute)

Joana Soares (PHD at Brunel University – U.K.)

Luís Aguiar-Conraria (PhD at Cornell University)

Miguel Portela (PhD at Tinbergen Institute)

Nélson Areal (PhD at Lancaster University)

Priscila Ferreira (PhD at University of Essex – ISER)

The courses are designed for academic researchers, as well as non-academic staff looking to extend their knowledge on data analysis. Basic knowledge of statistics and econometrics is recommended. The statistical packages used throughout the courses are Stata, R and MatLab. Introductory courses are also available.

Early bird registration fees are valid for applications before June 30. For more information about the UMinho-Exec Summer School in Data Analysis, please follow this link:


Kind regards,

The organizing committee,

João Cerejeira and Miguel Portela