Foreign Students Admission



Required documents:

  • Application form
  • Accommodation form
  • Learning agreement
  • Transcript of Records (as mentioned in the Application Form)
  • Language Certificate (as mentioned in the Application Form)
  • Copy of ID/ Passport
  • Two photos
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical Certificate (for Turkish students only)

Please send all the required documents by fax: +40/259.467.642, email:, or post to the following address:

University of Oradea
Department for International Relations
Erasmus Incoming Students Office
C.P. nr. 114, Oficiul Postal 1, University Street, 1
Oradea, Bihor, Romania


Deadlines for submitting the application forms for Erasmus students:

  • Full year or 1st  semester: June 30
  • 2nd semester: December 31

Deadline for submitting the Application for Extension of the Erasmus study period: December 31

Erasmus – application for extension of the study period abroad

List of courses

Faculty of Economics – Study Plan Accounting and Management Informatics 2012-2013Study Plan Economy of Trade Tourism and Services 2012-2013Study Plan Finance and Banking 2012-2013Study Plan International Business 2012-2013Study Plan Management 2012-2013Study Plan Marketing 2012-2013