VISU Summer Camp

VISU Summer Camp

VISU International Summer Camp 2011

Viborg Summer Camp (VISU) is the first international Summer Camp at Campus Viborg. The Summer Camp can be attended by young people from all over the world who would like to spend two weeks during the summer together with other young people to acquire new knowledge at one of the five courses offered at the Summer Camp.

Viborg Summer Camp 2011 is an encounter between international students, the business life in Viborg, the Municipality of Viborg and educational institutions with the purpose of creating new realisations and experiences to the benefit of all parties. The students at Summer Camp 2011 will have the opportunity to experience Viborg as an attractive city of education and culture. Viborg is in many ways engaged in innovation, environment, sustainability and technology.

Rethink is the headline for Viborg Summer Camp 2011 – and with good reason. Creativity, innovation and development are key concepts in all of the five courses. Globally, these key concepts are in demand among future employees and citizens. Our ambition with Rethink is to rethink through diversity, cultural communities and encounters with the unusual. Rethinking calls for knowledge, courage and curiosity.

Viborg Summer Camp offers education at a high professional level with qualified and motivated educators working with learning in a modern educational environment with state-of-the-art technology. We invite you to see professions and yourself in new perspectives. Through discussions, case studies and other inspiring ways of learning, the Summer Camp facilitates new friendships, valuable networks and new knowledge. In other words, Viborg Summer Camp 2011 is characterised by a high professional level combined with the most recent knowledge, mutual reflection and ”learning through experience”. Through participation and completion of one of the courses you will gain 3 ECTS points. Diploma will be issued after the course.

While improving your professional competences you can enjoy the summer and the community of the old medieval city of Viborg and its beautiful surrounding nature.

Rethink your summer!

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