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Cycle III – Doctoral Studies – Doctoral School of Social Sciences – Field of Economics

University of Oradea is an accredited university study institution.  Currently, there are 6 Doctoral Schools within the University of Oradea, among which The Doctoral School of Social Sciences, which manages two fields: Economics and Sociology.  

Since 2002, within the fundamental field of Economic Sciences, there has been the Doctoral School in the field of Economics. Currently, there is a number of approximately 40 PhD students and a number of 13 Doctors in Economics got their PhD title at the University of Oradea. The PhD students are coordinated by 3 PhD coordinators:

  • Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Olah (since 2002);
  • Prof. Dr. Alina Bădulescu (since 2007);
  • Prof. Dr. Mihai Berinde (since 2010).

Also, the students are coordinated, either as members of the Coordination Commission or as professors of disciplines taught within PUA, by professors and associate professors with a reputable career:  Prof. Dr. Floare Chipea, Prof. Dr. Anca Dodescu, Associate professor Dr. Adriana Giurgiu, Associate professor Dr. Simona Trip, Associate professor Dr. Olimpia Ban, Associate professor Dr. Nicoleta Bugnar, Associate professor Dr. Ioana Meșter, Associate professor Dr. Liana Meșter, Associate professor Dr. Daniel Bădulescu, Associate professor Dr. Adrian Florea etc.

The fundamental field of Social and Political Sciences hosts the PhD field of Sociology, with one PhD coordinator, Prof. Dr. Floare Chipea.

The PhD Doctoral School of Social Sciences is managed by the Doctoral School Council, which consists of:

  • PhD coordinators:
    • Prof.Dr.Floare Chipea
    • Prof.Dr.Alina Bădulescu
  • PhD students:
    • Adrian Felea
    • Raluca Sînziana Miclea
  • Others (personalities):
    • Prof.Dr.Marin Dinu (AES Bucharest)

The reprezentatives of Doctoral School of Social Sciences within CSUD are:

  • PhD coordinators:
    • Prof.Dr. Floare Chipea
    • Prof.Dr. Alina Bădulescu
  • PhD student:
    • Ramona Precup Simuţ.

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