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Cycle I Bachelor’s Degree Studies

The programmes prepare specialists in economics and business who, using the skills acquired in the fields of economics, social sciences, applied economics, methodology and their chosen specialization, are able to analyse, plan, organize, coordinate and accomplish the activities of business organisations and institutions. The programme provides students with the necessary background knowledge to continue to the second (MA) phase of their training.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences provides two study programs in English as follows:

Timetable | Curricula

  • Program of study: Business Administration (in English Language) – AAE, Field of study: Business Administration, Type of Studies: Full Time Education, 180 credits;
  • Program of study: International Business (in English Language) – AIE, Field of study: Economics and International Business, Type of Studies: Full Time Education, 180 credits;

The Faculty of Economic Sciences also provides the following undergraduate degree programs accredited for both types of studies: full time education and distance learning by day and distance learning, as follows:

Assuming a uniform and solid training the curricula consist of a common core of subjects that are to be acquired by students throughout the first three semesters.

The Bachelor’s Degree studies provide a level of competence appropriate to perform the economist profession when it comes to the labor market insertion, through professional and transversal competences and skills specific to each and every program of studies.

Graduates with a BA degree may practice according to the competences and rights granted to them by the acquired diploma or continue the Master’s University Studies.

We believe that the our present performance  is defined by the maturity and continuous search for quality and we consider the results achieved by each BA degree program validates the commitment, experience and involvement of teaching and non-teaching staff of the Faculty of Economic Sciences in partnership with the beneficiaries of our educational services, namely with our students!

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