Competitie Airbus Fly Your Ideas 2013

Competitie Airbus Fly Your Ideas 2013

As one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, Airbus is looking ahead to anticipate the global needs of a more connected, more sustainable world. Airbus Fly Your Ideas challenges students across the globe to develop new ideas for the eco-efficient aviation industry of the future.

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Held every two years, this Airbus competition asks students to develop ideas for an eco-efficient aviation industry, with winners sharing the top prize of €30,000 and the runners-up receiving €15,000

Innovation is at the heart of all global development and it is by thinking big that mankind can meet seemingly impossible challenges. With the third Fly Your Ideas challenge – part of the visionary Future by Airbus Programme – Airbus is asking students to think big too, and propose an idea to address one of the following 21st century challenges for greener aviation.

These challenges are:

  • Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Affordable Growth
  • Traffic Growth
  • Passenger Experience
  • Community Friendly

Application Details:

  • 30th November 2012: Registration deadline
  • 3rd September 2012 – 7th December 2012: Round 1 – Proposal
  • January – April 2013: Round 2 – Project
  • May – June 2013: Round 3 – Presentation
  • June 2013: Final presentation and awards – top selected teams will present their ideas to a
  • panel of Airbus and industry experts.

The winners of FYI 2013 will share the top prize of €30,000; the runners-up €15,000.

More importantly, students participating can also benefit / gain from:

  • Interaction with and coaching from Airbus employees
  • The chance to develop their teamwork skills
  • The opportunity to enhance creativity and innovation skills
  • The chance to improve their project development & presentation skills
  • Working with other nationalities
  • Learning more about Airbus and the aviation industry
  • Feedback on their ideas from industry experts

For any inquiries regarding Airbus Fly Your Ideas, please direct your questions to