Oportunitati de angajare la Globalpraxis Group - Job Description Intern

Oportunitati de angajare la Globalpraxis Group – Job Description Intern

Company description 

Globalpraxis Group is an international consulting firm which combines faculty experts and full-time consultants in an atmosphere of objectivity, creativity, intellectual rigor, clarity, fairness and friendship.

We serve in the industries of consumer goods, telecommunication, transportation, pharmaceutical and service, making our customers even more successful through coherent strategies of Consumering, Channelling and Clienting.

Globalpraxis counts on experienced teams with high senior involvement. Our leadership teams are hand-picked by experienced consultants, former top executives and top-notch faculty members.

We serve customers around the globe (Europe, Asia, Africa, US), in more than 50 countries so we draw our talent from across the globe. Our consultants come from and live in all of the world’s continents, and they also have the opportunity to travel all around the world.

This makes Globalpraxis the perfect partner for global business, since we combine global expertise and analytical rigor with local understanding.

At Globalpraxis the consultant will have the opportunity to grow in a professional way through a challenging and fun career path, but also in a personal way with a rewarding entrepreneurial experience and the ability to develop expertise and enjoy an international lifestyle.


Job description


Some of your responsibilities will be:

  • Conduct market research and analyze data
  • Provide the team with useful internal and external information
  • Conduct data analysis
  • Develop and share insights and recommendations to eventually drive tangible results for clients
  • Support in writing and oral presentations




    • Solid academic background (Currently studying a degree level education, preferably in Business Administration, Engineering or Economics)
    • Language ability (excellent English)


    • Analytical skills
    • Structured and critical thinking
    • Understanding business and strategic issues
    • Interpersonal skills and personal fit with the firm
    • Work team abilities
    • Social and flexible to work in a multicultural environment
    • Willingness to commit the additional time and effort necessary during periods of heavy workload in order to meet project milestones and implementation deadlines
    • Fully flexible about assignment location (willingness to travel and work worldwide for some periods of time)

We offer

  • The opportunity to complete a placement within at an international working environment as well as being part of a multicultural consultant team.
  • Develop both professional and personal skills.
  • Taking part on exciting projects and being able to work with top clients.


Please, send your CV and motivation letters for the attention of Ms. Marta Nieto