NATO's Smart Defenders Academic Conference:  Women as a Valuable Asset within the Security Sector

NATO’s Smart Defenders Academic Conference: Women as a Valuable Asset within the Security Sector

The UN Youth Association of Romania (click for details) organizes, between the 7th and the 9th of November 2014, in Bucharest, this year’s edition of the Academic Conference under the theme “NATO’s Smart Defenders : Women as a Valuable Asset within the Security Sector”.

The target audience of the project is mainly students, young researchers but also fresh graduates who wish to debate various aspects of international relations, conflict management and global security issues.

This year’s conference focuses on two main themes. In the first part of the project, entitled “New perspectives on defence. The Smart Defence mindset and its sustainability”, the participants will present their research, studies and papers concerning the subject of implementing, progressing and contributing with the idea of Smart Defense in order for “NATO Forces 2020” to attain their goals. Within the second part, called “Challenges to an obsolete military culture. The gender dynamics and gender inclusion within the peacekeeping forces”, debates will be taking place, concerning the link between females and the practice of a military function – an idea approached through a sociological perspective.

Thus, those interested in this Academic Conference are invited to send a completed registration form, together with a short paper in English on the theme mentioned above until de 1st of October. The final form of the paper should be submitted by e-mail until the 15* of October on the address of the project (

The seminars will be held by NATO experts, Romanian and foreign professors and, last but not least, women who activate in such peacekeeping operations, in order to have a highly accurate perception of the debated ideas.

The Opening Ceremony of this year’s Academic Conference, organized by the UN Youth Association of Romania, will take place on the 7th of November 2014 at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest, starting with 10:00 hours.

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