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The Research Centre for Competitivity and Sustainable Development

The Research Centre for Competitivity and Sustainable Development was founded in 2007 by Decision of the Senate of the University of Oradea no  92/03.12.2007  in order to promote and capitalize in a congruent manner the research activities carried out by the staff of the Faculty of Economics, University of Oradea.

So far, CCCDD (RCCSD) has had 61 members and has managed:

  • 5 PN II projects
  • 3 projects financed by the European Social Fund
  • 3 Jean Monet Modules
  • 1 Phare CBC project
  • 4 Phare projects
  • 1 European Documentation Centre

Aim and objectives

CCCDD intend to become a reference centre in the field, representing the entire research activity of the teaching staff and students of the University of Oradea in the centre’s research areas.

In order to achieve this purpose, CCCDD has set up the following objectives:

a) To train young teachers and MA and PhD students in order to develop the appetite and skills specific to scientific and applicative research.

b) To contribute to the scientific research in the field of economic and social-humanistic sciences, as well as to search for new solutions regarding current problems in the field.

c) To promote and disseminate, nationally and internationally, through conferences, symposiums and publications in specialty journals (ISI or BDI quoted) of the results of the scientific research.

d) To support Romania’s European integration regarding the higher economic education and scientific research in order to achieve the objectives set up at Lisbon for 2010, on the following pre-emptions:

  • to encourage the innovation, enterprising spirit and the growth of knowledge based economy through research and innovation capacities, including new information and communication technologies; and
  • to create more and better jobs by attracting people in the entrepreneurial activity, to improve the labourers and companies’ capacity to adapt and to increase the investments in the human capital.
  • to ensure the balance between the double development objectives and jobs on one side and the economic and territorial cohesion on the other side.

e) To support scientifically, technically and in what the EU’s acquis is concerned the industrial sectors in Romania in order to increase the competitivity of the products and services it provides;

f) To disseminate the research results and the settlements in the field of interest and the research areas mentioned, through continuous and post-university training, in accordance to the requirements on the labour market.

g) To develop and diversify the collaborations with similar entities in the country and abroad, by participating to national and international scientific events, in order to make known own research areas and the results obtained. Also, it has in view to carry out projects of collaboration with research and education entities in the country and abroad, aiming the permanent contact with the latest scientific discoveries in the field of activity specific to CCCDD and to draw the attention, from other similar entities, on own activity in the field.

h) To represent the scientific research activity of the Faculty of Economics of University of Oradea in the relations with national and international partners, in accordance to the existing and future agreements signed by the Faculty of Economics.

i) To promote and support competition, in conditions of equality of chances between men and women.

j) To support the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary doctoral school on the fields specific to the Faculty of Economics of University of Oradea. The efforts will be turned to the development of research through PhD theses and the better capitalization of the theses.

k) To stimulate the potential and capacity of the research centres by connecting these to national and international high priority research programmes; to plan the research in a national, European and global reference framework in order to participate to the national and international scientific research programmes.

Main activities

CCCDD research centres has as main object of activity fundamental and applicative researches in the field of economic sciences, but it can also provide consultancy, training, expertise activities and other scientific services.

CCCDD’s activity consists in:

a) Conceiving and carrying out interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research programmes afferent to the Centre’s field – Economic and Social-Humanistic;

b) Carrying out research themes requested by domestic or foreign beneficiaries or identified through own activities in order to be subsequently capitalised;

c) Developing the material base by purchasing and self-endowment from research contracts;

d) Preparing the conditions to promote and carry out training programmes like post-university studies, MA, PhD, continuous training, for both daily learning and long distance learning;

e) Providing assistance from technical and laboratory points of view to the education and research programmes ongoing within the Faculty of Economics of University of Oradea;

f) Setting up and endowing a documentation and information centre comprising a specialised library and IT equipment comprising modern solutions, data acquisitions;

g) Annually organizing at least one international scientific event;

h) PRINT and ONLINE publishing of at least one specialty journal;

i) Signing agreements with Romanians and foreign partners by carrying out scientific research and development activities, for the organization of scientific, educational, training, counselling and other common events;

j) Participating to national, European, international scientific research programmes by participating to grants and projects initiated by the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS), The National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS), EU and NATO.