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The mission and the objectives of the Faculty of Economic Sciences

The Faculty of Economic Sciences has a mission to train specialists with higher education in the economic field, with scientific knowledge, skills and abilities at the level of the European and international performances and in line with the requirements on the qualifications market.

According to its mission, the Faculty of Economic Sciences has the following objectives:

  • promotion of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, dignity and tolerance, free exchange of opinions;
  • access to the academic community on equal terms for all Romanian citizens, irrespective of ethnicity, and for foreign citizens under the law;
  • partnership with other similar institutions in the country and development of collaboration terms with foreign universities;
  • increase of faculty opening to business environment, to local government administration, to civil society and to local community by emphasizing the care for life-long education, scientific and academic cooperation and social cohesion, at local, regional, national, European and international level;
  • encouraging active partnership between the faculty and other faculties in the country and abroad and between the faculty and the local community, companies and institutions in the local and regional extra-academic environment;
  • concern for attracting quality students from all over the country and from abroad, in order to train them toknow, to do, to be good specialists and to live in the community;
  • increase of recognition of own contributions in scientific research and didactic activities through the development of research and life-long training centres;
  • concern for provision of basic social conditions to students, teachers and young researchers.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences in Oradea is committed to achieving academic excellence, both in teaching and in scientific research.