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The Entrepreneurial School – Business Expansion/Development (72 hours)


  1. Name of programme (subject) – The Entrepreneurial School: Business Start-Up, module developed within the project: “The Entrepreneurship and Chance Equality. A Model of Inter-Regional Entrepreneurial School for Women”, contract: POSDRU/9/3.1/S/5.
  2. Category of programme (training, further training, professional conversion etc.)  – further training
  3. Type of programme (developed through non-disciplinary stages, special programmes etc.) – non-disciplinary
  4. Type of education – face to face courses, held by qualified trainers with competencies in using Moodle virtual coomunication platform.
  5. Duration + total number of hours + number of credits (if applicable): 72 hours (36 course hours and 36 application hours).
  6. Utility of programme – the argumentation of the necessity of the existence, introduction, promotion of such a programme: Due to the economic and social decline as a result of the global economic crisis, the rise of the unemployment rate and the lack of perspective regarding investments in economy, the programme addresses people who wish to have their own business as a way to survive and develop on the market.
  7. Mission of programme – development of entrepreneurial competences in order to reach performance in business
  8. Target- group – people who wish to develop their own business
  9. General objectives of programme/General competences
  10. General objective: to provide knowledge centred on the development of competences to develop a business
    General competences:
    • to acquire the capacity to gather, process and synthesise the information required to develop a business
    • to master the knowledge necessary to be able to operate practically the development of a business
    • to form skills specific to an entrepreneur who wishes to develop his/her business
    • to acquire a pro-active attitude towards personal and organizational development
  1. Curriculum (mention the number of hours for each type of activity: course, practical activity, assessment): 36 course hours and 36 application hours with partial assessment.
  2. Programme coordinator– Prof. Dr. Anca DODESCU and Prof. Dr. Elena BOTEZAT
  3. Finalization (diplomas, certificates etc.) – “Entrepreneurial School: Business Expansion”

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