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The Centre of Training and Improvement in the Field of Human Resources Management


Director: Associate professor Dr. Maria-Madela Abrudan
Members: PR officer- Associate professor  Dr. Dorin Coita; economic director – Associate professor  Dr. Victoria Bogdan; assistant manager – researcher Tomina Săveanu; scientific assistant- tutor PhDs Mirabela Matei ; training experts– Professor Dr. Adriana Mirela Tomescu, Associate professor  Dr. Mirela Bucurean, psychologist Adriana Borza, economist Crina Gherlea, Flaviu Pop (deputee), Luminiţa Popa (asociat), Professor Dr. Alexandrina Deaconu (asociat), Associate professor  Dr. Edit Lukacs (deputee); consulting experts – Professor Dr. Anca Otilia Dodescu – TQM, Professor Dr. Elena Botezat – TQM, Associate professor  Dr. Adriana Giurgiu- TQM, Associate professor  Dr. Ioana Pop Cohuţ – PR, Lecturer Dr. Horia Demian – IT, Associate professor  Dr. Naiana Ţarcă – e-learning platform, Lecturer Dr. Dinu Sasu – PR, Roxana Hatos – monitoring; IT assistants – Assistant lecturer Dr. Adela Popa, Assistant lecturer PhDs Adrian Nicula

General objectives:

The aim of The Training and Excellence Center in the Field of Human Resources Management – CFP-MRU – is: to promote the development and implementation within organizations of fair and coherent human resources management strategies and policies which should emphasize: the professionalism in performing all the activities in the field of human resources management, continuous improvement during the entire life of all the employees, the promotion of equality of chances on the labor market and the efficient use of human resources.

The objectives suggested in order to meet this aim are the following:

      • To develop and provide training, improvement courses and other educational instruments in the field of human resources for both practitioners and theorists;
      • To stimulate the dialogue and experience exchanges between specialists in the field of human resources management;
      • To carry out research studies and analyses in the field of human resources, generally and in the field of human resources management, in particular;
      • To evaluate the training needs of the specialists in the field of human resources;
      • To develop and disseminate new and innovative methods used in the field of human resources management, both for practitioners and for theorists;
      • To promote collaboration and partnership relations within projects related to adult education between the University of Oradea and other universities, firms, organizations and specialty centers, public administration institutions, similar research units in the country and abroad.

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