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The Centre of Services for Trans-Border Businesses (CSAT)

  1. Director: Associate professor Dr. Nicoleta Bugnar
  2. Deputee: Associate professor Dr. Meşter Liana
  3. Members: Associate professor Dr. Ban Olimpia, Lecturer Dr. Benea Ciprian, Associate professor Dr. Florea Adrian, Associate professor Dr. Giurgiu Adriana, Associate professor Dr. Meşter Liana
  4. General objectives of center:
    • To establish trans-border cooperation in the field of professional training
    • To promote trans-border investment and cooperation opportunities
    • To identify and disseminate national and international programs of assistance and cooperation in order to support and develop the economic sector and its integration in the European market
    • To create databases related to funding sources for SMEs, foreign trade rules and usages, the development potential of the trans-border area
    • To carry out studies and analyses to support managerial decisions
    • To support the cooperation between institutions, communities, common institutional construction, the transfer of knowledge and expertise in different sectors
    • To develop consultancy services as a premise of economic competitivity and growth
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