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Practice Tutor Training (20 hours)


  1. Name of programme (subject) –Practice Tutors Training developed within the project “The Practice of Economics Students. Inter-regional Partnership on the labour market between universities and the business environment”-PRACTeam, Contract no. POSDRU/90/2.1/S/64150
  2. Category of programme – specialization,
  3. Type of education – face to face courses, workshops.
  4. Duration + total number of hours + number of credits (if applicable): 20 hours, 3 days
  5. Utility of programme – the argumentation of the necessity of the existence, introduction, and promotion of such a programme: meets the needs of employees in companies that conduct tutorship activities during the practical training of students; the course provides information on communication, mentoring, and adult education necessary to achieve this role successfully.
  6. Mission of programme – to facilitate the work undertaken by tutors in enterprises that coordinates students’ practical training
  7. Target- group – people who want to be tutors for students’ practice in enterprises, as well as any other person interested in mentoring and tutoring.
  8. General objectives of programme/General competences

General topics approached in the course are:

      • Adult Learning
      • Strategies for motivating adults for continuing education / lifelong education
      • Strategies, methods and techniques of adult training
      • Self knowledge and personal development
      • The perception of others. Stereotypes and prejudices
      • Effective communication within organizations
      • Barriers to Communication
      • Groups and teamwork
      • Managing Conflict
      • Stress within organizations. Individual coping and intervention within the organization
  1. Curriculum (mention the number of hours for each type of activity: course, practical activity, assessment): 9 course hours, 9 practice hours, 2 assessment hours
  2. Programme coordinators: – Prof. Dr. Anca Dodescu şi Prof. Dr. Letiţia Filimon
  3. Finalization (diplomas, certificates etc.)– graduation certificates certificate de absolvire.
  4. Further information: