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Human Resources Analyst (100 hours) – accredited by CNFPA


  1. Name of programme (subject) – Human Resources Analyst code COR – 342306
  2. Category of programme – specialization
  3. Type of programme– specialization, course accredited by CNFPA
  4. Type of education – face to face courses, using eduMeReU educational soft and Moodle virtual coomunication platform, workshops.
  5. Duration + total number of hours + number of credits (if applicable): 8 weeks -100course hours, the duration is given by the organization of these hours per week and per day.
  6. Utility of programme – the argumentation of the necessity of the existence, introduction, and promotion of such a programme: it meets the needs of people working or wishing to work in the field of human resources.
  7. Mission of programme – developing and delivering training programs in human resource management in order to implement within organizations some management policies related to fair and consistent human resources management focusing on: continuous lifelong training of all employees, promoting equal opportunities within firms, and efficient use of human resources.
  8. Target- group – people who wish to specialise and work in human resources departments.
  9. General objectives of programme/General competences
    • to estimate the resources and costs needed to conduct human resources   activities
    • to manage the labour relations system of the organization
    • to organize and manage database records of staff
  1. Curriculum (mention the number of hours for each type of activity: course, practical activity, assessment): 38 course hours, 56 practice hours, 6 assessment hours
  2. Programme coordinator – Associate professor Dr. Maria-Madela Abrudan
  3. Finalization (diplomas, certificates etc.)– certificates accredited by  CNFPA
  4. Further indormation:

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