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e-WORK today – computer operator (total of all four modules – 210 hours)


  1. Name of programme (subject) – eWork-today – training program to guide / adapt the workforce to the requirements of the information society (Computer Operator Code COR – 312 201)
  2. Category of programme – retraining program
  3. Type of programme – re-qualification,
  4. Type of education – face to face courses, using Windows software (Word, Excel, Access) and virtual communication platform Moodle, simulations, workshops. Applicable test methods:
    • Practical testing – taking a practical test (simulations of real work situations) to highlight the way participants assimilated the knowledge provided by the training program;
    • Online testing – taking a test via the eLearning application;
    • Written testing – solving multiple choice tests / essay.Duration + total number of hours + number of credits (if applicable): 17 weeks –210 hours, the duration is given by the organization of these hours per week and per day.
  1. Utility of programme – the argumentation of the necessity of the existence, introduction, and promotion of such a programme: meets the needs of people who do not work and are looking for a job, providing the knowledge to achieve a CV, to operate programs: Word, Excel, Access, to handle the management in an enterprise, Intra – entrepreneurship and organizational culture.
  2. Mission of programme –  developing and delivering training programs in the areas of computer literacy, human resources – CV preparation, managing the resources of economic activities through IT technology, intra-entrepreneurship and organizational culture. The program aims:
    • from the perspective of the course attendant / prospective employee – to ensure its hard and soft skills required to perform the work in a company as if he were his own manager (intrapreneurial), as well as the skills necessary to take advantage of the opportunities to develop his own business (entrepreneurship);
    • from the perspective of local SMEs – to ensure a workforce fit for the market requirements in a knowledge-based economy, with direct impact on productivity growth and regional development.
  1. Target- group – people looking for a job who do not meet the requirements of the informational society, who want to increase their chances to return or to enter the labour market.
  2. General objectives of programme/General competences
    • increasing the adaptability of workers in Bihor to the social, economic, competitive requirements of the market, technology being the common element;
    • retraining people looking for a job so as to be able to get a competitive job.
  1. Curriculum (mention the number of hours for each type of activity: course, practical activity, assessment):
    • Course Module ‘Training computer operations’
      • 72 course hours
      • 8 assessment hours
    • Course Module ‘Organizational culture, Intra / Entrepreneurship’
      • 38 course hours
      • 2 assessment hours
    • Course Module ‘Managing the resources of economic activities through IT’
      • 72 course and practice hours
      • 8 assessment hours
    • Course Module ‘Human resources –CV writing’
      • 9 course hours
      • 1 assessment hours
  1. Programme coordinators: – Prof. Dr. Anca Dodescu; Associate professor Dr. Ioana Pop Cohuţ
  2. Finalization (diplomas, certificates etc.)–– graduation certificates certificate de absolvire.
  3. Further information:

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