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Center of Foreign Languages for Business


1 University, Oradea – 410087, Bihor,
Phone: +40259- 408109 fax +40259-408409;


Director: Lecturer Dr. Andrea Hamburg
Deputee: Lecturer Dr. Felicia Constantin
Members: Lecturer Dr. Andra Catarig, Associate professor Dr. Ioana Horea, Lecturer Dr. Mirabela Pop, Lecturer Dr. Monica Sim, Lecturer PhDs Rodica Bogdan, Lecturer Dr. Cristina Abrudan, Assistant professor Dr.Adina Săcara-Oniţa
General objectives:

    • To identify the language and communication needs of the public in general and of the business environment in particular
    • To improve language skills of the target audience by supporting accredited foreign language courses (general and business language) finalized with nationally and internationally reconized graduation certificates To highlight the role of foreign languages when entering new markets and improving employment prospects and job mobility
    • To increasing the awareness regarding the the role of foreign languages in the transition from a multicultural Europe to an Intercultural Europe,
    • To find new methods and techniques for teaching foreign languages​​, and adapting them to the Romanian education system, comparing the conventional traditional methods with the modern ones (active-participative and student-centered)
    • To identify the strengths and weaknesses of different strategies used in teaching specialized foreign language,
    • To support education and lifelong learning by providing specific and adaptable foreign language training packages for different categories involved in business, in order to improve it and to reduce unemployment,
    • To use virtual platforms and e-learning activities in the context of openness, accessibility of information and development of autonomy in learning
    • To promote collaborative relationships, partnerships with centers / similar groups, foreign and domestic companies,
    • To promote linguistic diversity following the strategic program of the European Union to support multi lingvism as a key factor for a dynamic and globally competitive Europe,
    • To provide translation and interpretation services in English / German / French / Italian / Hungarian

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