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Career Counselling (20 hours)


  1. Name of programme (subject) – Career counseling and training module. Training developed within the project “The Practice of Economics Students. Inter-regional Partnership on the labour market between universities and the business environment”-PRACTeam, Contract no. POSDRU/90/2.1/S/64150
  2. Category of programme – training
  3. Type of education – face to face courses, workshops.
  4. Duration + total number of hours + number of credits (if applicable): 72 hours
  5. Utility of programme – the argumentation of the necessity of the existence, introduction, and promotion of such a programme: this course is aimed at students and graduates. The course supports the use and integration into a coherent vision of all regional market opportunities of employment and specific information on the profile of the applicants. The experience gained in college curricula will be harnessed practically and students will be supported in order to find a job according to their specialization.
  6. Mission of programme – to advise people looking for a job to plan career so as to increase the chances of successfully integrating on the regional labour market.
  7. Target- group –students and graduates
  8. General objectives of programme/General competences
    • to identify the main career opportunities of PRACTeam students;
    • to learn the basic techniques of personal promotion so as to maximize career opportunities;
    • to establishing an optimal strategy for career development;
    • to realistically assess personal resources so as to obtain the most suitable job.
  1. Curriculum (mention the number of hours for each type of activity: course, practical activity, assessment): courses, workshops, career projects assessment
  2. Programme coordinators: – Prof. Dr. Anca Dodescu and psychologist Adriana Borza
  3. Finalization (diplomas, certificates etc.)– certificate of attendance
  4. Further information:

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